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We believe people are the most important asset of any organization; and it is to facilitate this realization, SRIJAN Infratech & Development Services (SIDS) was founded. We work with organizations towards building people-centered strategies and policies to enhance human resource potential and achieve organizational excellence. We are focused towards organizations engaged in rural/social development initiatives and on large scale systems aiming to improve the lives of the under privileged. All our learning stems from our own rich experience of intensively working at the grassroots with the underprivileged. How such work can be rewarding at a professional as well as a personal level is what motivates us to encourage young persons from varied backgrounds to work with such organizations.

Purpose to Action…

For the past fifteen plus years, we have proactively engaged with Central and State Governments, the key stakeholders in improving the lives of the underprivileged. We have had enriching collaborations working on large-scale missions on livelihoods, social welfare, panchayat strengthening, health etc., with the Central Government and State Governments of Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Gujarat, Orissa, MP, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Assam, Meghalaya, Chhattisgarh and UP. We have also supported large-scale livelihoods projects for Government of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Our clients also include not for profit organizations, and bilateral & multilateral agencies.

We help in designing programme and organization development strategies, human resource policies, undertake recruitment and selection, design and actionalize performance management systems, and design capacity building strategies. We are pioneers in exploring an ‘attitude fit’ as part of selection methodology for rural/ social development programmes. We have recruited more than twenty thousand people – from CEOs to field level staff for our clients across India. We have earned the reputation of being the leading professional OD & HRD agency in the country focused on the rural development sector having recruited over twenty thousand staff! We are an empanelled HR Agency with the Ministry of Rural Development and with Ministry of Health, Govt of India.

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