EDIndia Manager: Strategic Initiatives

Position: Manager: Strategic Initiatives

EdIndia Foundation (EF) is a not for profit focused on leveraging technology and data analytics to create innovative solutions to impact education at scale. Edindia believes that technology has a huge potential to impact government schools at scale. In the covid times, while #Edtech has been the buzzword – the digital divide between children “with access” and “without” has been widening. Acknowledging the fact that frugal but effective innovations are essential so as to ensure #LearningNeverStops and integrate technology within the government system, EdIndia was set up. EdIndia’s mission is to “create tech-based solutions to impact the quality of education at scale”. It is supported by Sterlite Power Group Companies. It is working with ~180,000 govt teachers across Rajasthan, Tripura, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand.

EdIndia’s innovative products and solutions have a “mobile
first” approach. Its products and solutions include a
vernacular state curriculum aligned lesson planning app –
“Pragyan”, a “visual analytics” solution for officials and
management in public education system which leverages
multi-million data points from data being collected by
education MIS to derive information, visualize the same
through relevant dashboards, render it on mobiles and
establish a DSS (decision support system).
Another promising product in the works is a go-to platform
for government and low-fee affordable school teachers to
satiate their conceptual curiosity and gain pedagogical
insights served through bite-sized videos.

The focus of the Indian education system has been shifting from providing access to schools to ensuring acquisition of learning outcomes. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and 10 principles of the UN Global Compact Network have a strong influence on how Sterlite plans and implements its CSR and Sustainability initiatives. EdIndia views its role as system integrator, keen on designing and rolling out large scale, Pan-India programs. As part of its aggressive scale-up plans EdIndia is expanding its management team and is seeking to recruit a Manager – Strategic Initiatives.
The proposed role is a role developed to enhance the Executive Office‘s (Head of Foundation & Director) capabilities. The goal is to cultivate new relationships, manage projects to deepen and broaden our impact, while leveraging existing partnerships, and ultimately ensure that Edindia can best serve its stakeholders. This role is vital to strengthening future growth of EdIndia. EdIndia considers itself a “start-up” at heart and has a young team from backgrounds as diverse as academic, statistics and ex-army passionate about “education for all” and innovation for all.




Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide project focused support Executive Office (Head of Foundation & Director) to help advance organizational strategic goals and objectives. This will include extensive analysis of data, project management and bringing in innovations/best practices as well as an “outside-in” perspective.
  • Conduct research and domain analysis on new partner prospects and act as liaison while onboarding partners.
  • Evaluate, prepare materials, and develop business development presentations
  • Work with other teams to ensure presentations externally position us as best-in-class organization
  • Seamlessly integrate with Edindia’s Marketing and Communications strategy and anchor the external communications for Edindia.
  • Capturing project health and insights into processes and frameworks that work is key. Inspecting the metrics
    movement/ operational efficiency and comparing financial performance against a project’s planned impact.
  • Create a network with other corporate foundations and government programs for joint implementation where
    there is a geographic and strategic synergy in implementation approaches. The strategy will also include public
    relations and create greater visibility to Edindia initiatives.
  • In developing new relationships, this position would closely work with senior managers from each initiative in
    ensuring a holistic pitch (of all initiatives) to potential partners.


Desired Competencies:

  • Excellent communication and networking skills. Strong written, oral and presentation skills is a must.
  • Demonstrated ability to practicing Innovation and change. Develop new and innovative ways to improve delivery, optimize costs, improve strategy and engagement. Assesses problem situations to identify causes, gathers and processes relevant information, generates possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the problem.
  • Building Collaborative Relationships: Works  cooperatively and effectively with others in a nonhierarchical setting to establish goals, resolves problems and makes decisions that enhance Project Delivery. Manages complexity and drive for results.
  • Loves data and transforming them to actionables.
  • Achieving Quality Results: Sets priorities, develops a work schedule, monitors progress toward goals, and racks details/data/information/activities.
  • Managing Relations: Carries out her/his relations within the working group and across the partners with tact and diplomacy.



  • Minimum 6 years of relevant management experience is required.
  • Masters in relevant field of Management/Social Development/Technology

Location: Based out of Thane, Mumbai;

How to Apply:

Interested candidates may share their CV at jobs.shortlisting@gmail.com with the Subject line ” Position Name” latest by 25th October 2021.

EdIndia Foundation (EIF) is a section 8 not for profit company focused on leveraging technology and data analytics to create innovative solutions to impact education at scale. EIF has been provided incubation support by Sterlite Power and its group companies. About Sterlite Power: Operating out of India and Brazil, Sterlite Power (https://www.sterlitepower.com/ )is a leading integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider globally. It is focused on addressing complex challenges in the sector by tackling the key constraints of time, space and capital.

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