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Position: – Project Lead (Agri-Entrepreneurship)

Location: Punjab(Ludhiana)

Project Overview: –

Small farmers in India are generally trapped in the vicious cycle of low productivity, high cost of credit and no market connectivity and, as a result, tend to be in subsistence farming mode. Standalone interventions in productivity enhancement or introducing high-value crops without linking to markets are more detrimental because farmers will incur higher cultivation costs. Therefore, to increase the income of small farmers, an integrated approach of increasing productivity, linking them to markets and also ensuring access to the right inputs has to be adopted. A leading CSR India has been following this approach since 2009 and has called it market-led-extension. The key to the success of this initiative is the development and anchoring of local rural youth as agri-entrepreneurs, who provide all agriculture services to small farmers.

We are partnered to implement an Agri-Entrepreneurship model in various states. The main objective of this partnership is to increase the income of small farmers by introducing modern agriculture technologies and connecting farmers to markets.

Approach: The income of small farmers can be increased by adopting a combination of three possible approaches. One is to reduce cultivation costs; two is to connect farmers to markets and ensure a higher price for their produce; and three is to improve irrigation access, allowing farmers to harvest more than one crop per year.

Broad Principles: Aggregation of small farmers is the key to reducing the cost of inputs or increasing the bargaining power during the sale of agricultural produce. The use of information technologies will further boost the power of aggregation in taking swift and real-time decisions.

Therefore, this model will work on the two broad principles of aggregation of small farmers and the use of ICTs to increase the income of small farmers.

Change Agents: To achieve the main objective of increasing small farmers’ income by following various approaches based on broad principles of aggregation and ICT tools, a set of change agents has to ensure the implementation of various activities. Change agents in this model are agriculture entrepreneurs (AEs) who provide all agriculture services to small and marginal farmers, thereby improving their productivity and connectivity to markets and ultimately fulfilling the objective of increasing farmers’ income.

Implementation: One rural youth is trained as an agri-entrepreneur to handhold 150–250 farmers in a cluster of 4-5 villages and acts as a one-stop resource provider for the agricultural needs of small and marginal farmers.

AE has to be a native of one of those 4-5 villages in the cluster and should have a basic educational qualification (class-X). Agri-entrepreneur has four critical functions, i.e., “providing better quality inputs”, “knowledge and crop advisory”, “linking farmers to markets and facilitating credit”. AE acts as a business correspondent for banks and facilitates agro-credit to small farmers.AE derives his revenue by providing the above services to farmers.

Rural youth are carefully screened and shortlisted by a leading CSR India and they undergo a 36-day residential training programme on agriculture and entrepreneurship aspects known as’ Agriculture Technology Assistants’. After the ATA training, there is a further filtering process to identify the right persons as agri-entrepreneurs (AEs).

Probation period: 06 Months

The contract will initially be for 11 months and will be extended based on performance.

Compensation: – As per Industry Norms.

Travel and other expenses will be reimbursed as per the company policy.

Description of role: –

1)       The Project Lead will have a team of 30-50 AEMs under him via 05 – 06 Project Coordinators on Agri Entrepreneurship program

2)       The Project Lead has to train AEMs / PC’s on incubating AEs in the field and how to run the day-to-day operations of the AE. This will help AEM to have better clarity on the program.

3)      The Project Lead has to lead various extension activities.

4)       The Project Lead is responsible for leading various farm-related activities such as AE selection and screening via AEMs, AE training, field engagement, and AE incubation with monitoring and evaluation.

5)       She/he has to coordinate with state government officers for various activities.

6)       She/he has to coordinate with banks/NBFCs to link both farmers and agri-entrepreneurs for their credit needs.

7)       She/he has to help Agri-entrepreneur Mentors in using the deployed ICT tools and has to monitor the proper utilization of the ICT tools in the field through AEMs.

8)       She/he will be the whole and sole responsible person for the particular project/allotted area of the project in the given area and will be accountable for every single activity happening in the field.

9)       She/he has to groom the AEMs to work in the proper flow to make the AE programme successful.

10)   She/he will be responsible for the documentation of the project.

Education: B.Sc.(Ag.)/MBA/ABM/Rural Mgt.

Experience: 5-7 years of work experience in Agribusiness, Agri inputs & CRM machinery

Salary: Rs. 10-12 Lakh per annum. Travel and other expenses will be reimbursed as per the company policy.

Language: Can read, write and speak Punjabi and candidate should be based in Punjab.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can send their updated resume at sids.indiajobs@gmail.com with the subject line “CSR-Project Lead

Last date of Apply: 20th August 2022


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