Job Description 


Position Title & Name

Manager – Program Analytics & Documentation  

Location (Field/ HO/Site)

RCP, Mumbai


Reliance Foundation


Job Purpose


RF-BIJ is a program being implemented by Reliance Foundation under its Rural Transformation initiative across 45 districts in India. RF-BIJ will comprise of three key interventions centered on – (i) Climate Resilience (CR4SD), (ii) Integrated Value Chains (IVCD) and (iii) Diversifying rural incomes & Women Entrepreneurship via agri-allied and non-farm sectors (DRIWE).


This role will contribute to RF-BIJ’s research activities. The role will specifically provide documentation and communication support, and help enhance existing documentation by analyzing program data. This would include collecting, organizing, processing and analyzing data from the program, generate inferences on program implementation processes, progress and impact. This position would be expected to generate high quality research, papers and progress reports for external and internal stakeholders. Additionally, this position will also nurture partnerships and collaborations for joint research, studies, publications and deployment of technology for better data and knowledge management .

Roles & Responsibility and Outcomes (KPI)


Roles & Responsibility

Outcomes (KPIs)

·         Curate the data and its management. Helps program management in accurately collecting various data sets on implementation and help in organizing them for later retrieval

·         Data collection and analysis. Identify sources of data, collection methods, and technologies for effective data collection with accuracy and its maintenance.

·         Conduct analysis – including rapid assessments and detailed studies – of collected data on regular basis to draw inferences. Provide analysis reports to the internal and external stakeholders

·         Knowledge management. Support the development and dissemination of knowledge and experience through enhanced communication, strengthened knowledge products and publications

·         Initiate and lead Community of Practice (CoP) initiatives for institutionalizing the knowledge on various domains with the in the program

·         Support intervention lead and program head in developing strategic approach for analytics and documentation for generating high quality reports publications to disseminate results, best practices 

·         Capacity Building. Design capacity-building approaches and lead development of appropriate training modules on data collection, management, analysis and documentation.

·         Technical Support. Provide/Facilitate technical support to implementation teams at state and district levels (including operational partners) on areas relevant data, analytics and documentation

·         Result Orientation. Accountable for delivering the planned outcomes and outputs as per plan and strategic direction for the intervention

·         Partnerships. Identify the potential partnerships within RIL eco-system and external stakeholders to further the work of RF in the region and forge working collaboration, promote networks.

·         Systems & Processes. Develop the SoPs (with need based revisions on an annual basis) to enable the field teams for effective data collection with accuracy and its maintenance, analysis of collected data, documentation

·         Program level contribution. Contribution at national program level in planning, compliances, development of collaterals, communication, visibility and program development 

·         Publications. Generate high quality papers and reports for publication in internal and external mediums of repute

·         Build research rigor in the program for evidence backed results in the implementation

·         Thought Leadership. Contribute to thought leadership and analysis on data collection, management, analytics and documentation

Key Stakeholders/ Collaborators


·         Research and academic institutions – ICAR, CGIAR etc.

·         Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral aid agencies, International and National NGOs

·         RIL eco-system


Experience & Educational Requirements





  • Masters/Graduate degree in Statistics/Operations research/ Data sciences/ Economics/Maths/MBA/ Public Policy/Sociology or other relevant,





     · Additional relevant certifications from reputed institutions in India or abroad are desirable

    ·   At least 5-10 years of relevant sectoral experience in working with large-scale development programs, policy think tanks, research institutions etc.

   · Demonstrated work experience in data analysis, documentation, monitoring and results based management framework.

    ·  Candidate should be able to show research papers published in reputed journals with at least some of them as lead authors. 

     · Ability to critically analyze information and revise projects and plans accordingly.

     ·   Working knowledge of SPSS/STATA or other relevant analytical tools will be desirable.

     ·   Working knowledge of appropriate

     ·  Strong communication skills (spoken and written) in English and at least one vernacular language

     ·    Proficiency in Hindi would be desirable


Scope of Work


a) People Management Scope (Range of no. of Direct Reports):

      · Team of professionals, Consultants & Vendors providing services and material for implementation of the program

b) Geography Coverage (Country-wide/ Region-wide / Location-wide / Other)

      · 45 Districts

c) Corporate Coverage (Company-wide / Business or Function-wide / BU or Sub-function-wide / Other):

      ·  BIJ – Reliance Foundation


How to apply:


Interested candidates can send their updated CVs at with the subject line “RF- Manager PAD- Mumbai” latest by 10th June 2022



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